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  Date Published Title Author
2018The UK's Housing ProblemGlobal Housing Watch
2018English Housing Survey - Home OwnershipMinistry of Housing, Communities & Local Government
December 2016History Dependence in the Housing MarketPhilippe Bracke and Silvana Tenreyro
July 15, 2016Building More HomesPublished by the Authority of the House of Lords
February 2016IMF UK FSAP - 2015 Article IV ConsultationIMF
2016Housing Policies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States: Lessons LearnedChristian A. L. Hilber
2016Housing Policies in UK, Switzerland, and USChristian Hilber, Olivier Schoni
2015Fair and Effective Markets Review, Final ReportBank of England
2015Regulating Housing Vacancies Away? The Paradoxical Effects of MismatchPaul Cheshire, Christian A.L. Hilber, and Hans R.A. Koster
2014House Price IndexOffice for National Statistics
2014Implementing the Financial Policy Committee's recommendation on loan to income ratios in mortgage lendingBank of England Prudential Regulation Authority
March 2013Help to Buy: Mortgage Guaranty Scheme OutlineHM Treasury
2013The Impact of Supply Constraints on House Prices in EnglandChristian A. L. Hilber
2013The Affordable Rent Model in London: Delivery, Viability, PotentialAndrew Heywood
2013A Better Housing Finance SystemAngus Armstrong
2013FSA Policy Statement PS13/6: The regulation and supervision of benchmarksFinancial Services Authority
2012FSA Policy Statement PS12/16: Mortgage Market Review - Feedback on CP11/31 and Final RulesFinancial Services Authority
2012Speech: National balance sheets and macro policy: lessons from the pastPaul Tucker
2012Understanding Supply Constraints in the Housing MarketFTI Consulting
2012Mortgage Market Update - Financial Services AuthorityFinancial Services Authority
2012Interest Only MortgagesFinancial Conduct Authority (UK)
2011Mortgage Market Review: Proposed Package of ReformsFinancial Services Authority
2011Thematic Review on Mortgage Underwriting and Origination Practices: Peer Review ReportFinancial Stability Board
2011The Impact of Legislation on Credit Risk—Comparative Evidence From the United States, the United Kingdom and GermanyChristian Schmieder and Philipp Schmieder
2011Prudential Risk Outlook 2011Financial Services Authority
2011The End of the Affair: Implications of Declining Home OwnershipAndrew Heywood
2011The Financial Conduct Authority: Approach to RegulationFinancial Services Authority
2010Modelling and Forecasting UK Mortgage Arrears and PossessionsJanine Aron
2010Giving Up Home Ownership: A Qualitative Study of Voluntary Possession and Selling Because of Financial DifficultiesJanet Ford
2010Promoting Investment in Private Rented Housing Supply: International Policy ComparisonsMichael Oxley, Ros Lishman, Tim Brown, Michael Oxley, Marietta Haffner, Joris Hoekstra
2010Contrasting Varieties of Private Renting: England and GermanyPeter A. Kemp and Stefan Kofner
2010The Impact of the Financial Crisis on UK Mortgage FundingRob Thomas
2010The Role of Mortgage Securitisation in the Financial Crisis and How to Restore the Market’s HealthRob Thomas
2009Housing Finance in The Euro Area: Structural Issues ReportEuropean Central Bank
2009MoneyMadeClear Guide - Leaflet on Mortgage ArrearsFinancial Services Authority
2008Mortgage Brokers in the UK versus the USJack M. Guttentag
2007Social Housing in EuropeChristine Whitehead, Kathleen Scanlon
2007UK Housing and the EconomyPaul Samter
2007Managing Mortgage Arrears and Possessions in the UKMark Stephens
2007Increasing Affordability Problems - A Role for Shared Equity Products? Experience in Australia and the UK - An UpdateChristine Whitehead
2004The UK’s model of effective non-statutory regulation provides a valuable framework for other mortgage marketsLuke March
2004The UK Mortgage Market: Taking a Longer-Term ViewDavid Miles
2004The UK Mortgage Market: Taking a Longer-Term View, Final Report and RecommendationsDavid Miles
2003Private finance for a social purpose: mortgage lenders and housing associations in the UKPeter Williams
2002Can Mutuals Find a RoleDavid Carlisle
2001A Study of Mortgage Prepayment RiskSimon Perry
2000Consumer Protection and RegulationMichael Coogan
2000The Case for Building SocietiesBuilding Societies Association
1998Recent Developments in the UK Housing and Mortgage MarketsMichael Coogan
1998UK Flexible Mortgages: The Product for the Next MillenniumChris Heard
1995Structural Changes in Housing Markets: The American, British, Australian and Canadian ExperiencesGeorge Fallis
1995Structural Changes in Housing Markets: The American, British, Australian and Canadian ExperiencesGeorge Fallis
1994Mortgage Securitization in the UK: An Emerging Market?Tim Freeman
1994UK Regulation: Cutting a Path through the Regulatory JungleAdrian Coles
1993Housing Associations in the UK - The Third Arm of HousingAdrian Coles
1993Developments in the UK Mortgage MarketAdrian Coles
1992The Impact of the Single European Market on Housing Finance in the UKMark Boleat
1991Recent Developments in the UK Savings MarketAdrian Coles
1990House Prices in Great BritainAdrian Coles
1988Infolink - the UK Credit Information AgencyBrian Bailey
1988Variable Rate Mortgages - the British ExperienceAdrian Coles
1988Mortgage Guarantee Insurance in the UKBrian Hall
1987UK Owner-Occupation Rate Should Approach 75%Adrian Coles
1987UK Building Societies and International Capital MarketsBrian Philips
1986Capital Markets: A Stable Source of Funds for UK Building SocietiesBrian Philips
1986Dawn of a new legislative era for Housing FinanceHousing Finance International
Q3 2013Bank Capital and Liquidity, Safeguarding Stability Marc Fang, Damian Harland and Dan Nixon
Feburary 2016Commentary: UK Housing Market: Problems and PoliciesAngus Armstrong

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