Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyz Republic : Statistical Data At-A-Glance
Total population5.96 million2015WDI
Urban population (% of total)35.71% of total2015WDI
GDP, current prices (U.S. dollars)6,650 USD (millions)2015WEO
GDP based on PPP per capita GDP (Current international dollar)3,362.61 USD 2015WEO
Inflation, end of period consumer prices (Percent change)3.35%2015WEO
Average bank deposit rate2.69%2015IFS
Lending rate24.25%2015IFS
Owner-occupied units96% of total2010UNECE Country Profiles on the Housing Sector
Typical LTV at origination50%-60%2011UNECE Country Profiles on the Housing Sector
Typical pmt-to-income ratio (HH income)75%2012KICB
Retail funding (deposits/other)primary2014UNECE
Typical number of days needed for the transfer of title3.52015WDI

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State Mortgage Company (SMC)

The State Mortgage Company was established in June 2015 by the Kyrgyzstan government. This was done to ensure the country's population with affordable housing and to contribute to the development of the country's economic market.