The Financial Conduct Authority: Approach to Regulation

Financial Services Authority (FSA)

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Date Published 2011
Primary Author Financial Services Authority
Other Authors
Theme Consumer Protection / Mandatory Disclosure
Country United Kingdom


This document is designed to set out how the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is currently expected to be established by end-2012, will approach the delivery of its objectives. The document complements HM Treasury’s February 2011 consultation document: A new approach to financial regulation: building a stronger system and HM Treasury’s June 2011 White Paper: A new approach to financial regulation: the blueprint for reform and the accompanying draft Bill which lays out the proposed legislative framework. This document outlines initial thinking which will be further refined in the period between now and end-2012. The FSA is publishing it now in order to inform public debate and facilitate stakeholder engagement. It is also designed to provide input for the pre-legislative scrutiny and parliamentary debate on the Bill. The FSA would welcome comments, and would ask that you send them to by 1 September 2011. Further information and proposals on the FCA’s approach will be published over the coming period.

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