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  Date Published Title Author
September 2019Publicly Available Administrative Data on Subsidised HousingIllana Melzer and Christoph Garbers
July 2018Managing Urbanisation to Achieve Inclusive Growth
2015South African Township Economies and Commercial Property Markets: A Conceptualisation and OverviewRob McGaffin, Mark Napier and Geci Karuri-Sebina
2015Time For An Open House Revolution In Affordable Housing in South AfricaIllana Melzer
2015Time For An Open Data Revolution in Affordable Housing in South AfricaIllana Melzer
2014Housing from a human settlement perspective: In-depth analysis of the General Housing Survey data 2002-2014Statistics South Africa
2014The Microfinance Review 2013 - " From Microfinance to Financial Inclusion"University of Pretoria
2014Financial System Stability Assesment - South AfricaIMF
2013Housing and the Business Cycle in South AfricaGoodness C. Aye
2013South Africa 2013 Article IV ConsultationInternational Monetary Fund
2013Exploring Alternative Finance and Policy Options for Effective and Sustainable Delivery of Housing in South AfricaFinancial and Fiscal Commission
20122012 Yearbook: Housing Finance in AfricaCentre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa; FinMark Trust
2011A Resource Guide to Housing in South Africa 1994-2010Kate Tissington
2011Statement by the Members of the African Union for Housing Finance The African Union for Housing Finance
2011Housing Finance TEMPERATURE GAUGECenter for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa
2011Housing Finance FSC mortgage loan performanceCenter for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa
2011Housing Finance Temperature Gauge, Quarter 1 of 2011Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF)
2011Housing Subsidy Assets: Report on a Qualitative Study in Three CommunitiesShisaka Development Management Services
2009Measuring the Impact of the Financial Sector Charter (FSC) with Respect to Low-Income Housing in South AfricaVuyisani Moss
2009Pension-Secured Loans: Facilitating Access to Housing in South Africa?Linda Sing
2009South Africa's Financial Sector CharterVuyisani Moss
2009The Impact of the Subprime Mortgage Financial Crisis on Housing Finance in South AfricaTumellano Sebehela
2009Housing Finance in South AfricaPierre Venter
2008Competing for Urban Land: Improving the Bidding Power of the PoorMark Napier
2008Housing Finance for the Low-income Population in South Africa: A Market Demand AssessmentDevelopment Innovations Group
2008Supply and Demand of Rental Accommodation in South AfricaSocial Housing Foundation
2006Towards Effective State Interventions to Improve Access by the Poor to Urban Land MarketsDr Mark Napier & Nana Ntombela
2005South Africa’s Financial Sector Charter: Where From, Where To?Mary R. Tomlinson
2005Setting the Context: South AfricaDavid Porteous
2005South Africa’s Financial Sector Charter: Where From, Where To?Mary Tomlinson
2003Understanding the Reasons to the Causes of Defaults in the Social Housing Sector of South AfricaVuyisani Moss
2003Challenges in Mortgage Lending for the Under-Served in South AfricaNoah Kofi Karley
2003No Shortcuts: South Africa’s Progress in Implementing Its Housing Policy,1994-2002Kecia Rust
2002Efforts and Errors: South Africa's Search to Extend Housing Finance to Low-Income HouseholdsMary Tomlinson
2001Low - and Moderate - Income Housing Finance in South Africa: Making Progress in a Troubled EnvironmentDr. Sally Roe Merrill
2001The State of Housing Finance in South AfricaVuyisani Moss
2001South Africa: New Housing Delivery Model: The Presidential Job Summit Housing Pilot ProjectMary Tomlinson
2000Coming Second? Secondary Market Development in Developing Countries: A Case Study of South AfricaDavid Porteous
2000Interim Report Policy Analysis for Unblocking Finance for Affordable HousingDouglas B. Diamond, Marja Hoek-Smit
1999Ensuring Mortgage Repayment in South AfricaMary Tomlinson
1998Mortgage Bondage? South Africa's Financial Institutions and Low-Cost Housing DeliveryMary Tomlinson
1997South Africa: Broadening Access to Affordable HousingChristine Glover
1993Banking Supervision in South AfricaChristo Weise
1993The Council of Southern African BankersTim Hart
1993The Development of Housing Finance in South AfricaClive Brummer
1993The National Housing Forum: Consensus Based Policy Making During Political Transition in South AfricaMatthew Nell
1987South Africa : Building Societies Help the Urban PoorMatthew Nell
1986Dawn of a new legislative era for Housing FinanceHousing Finance International

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