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January 2017Indian Financial Sector: Structure, Trends and TurnsRakesh Mohan and Partha Ray
October 2016Costs and Benefits of Urbanization: The Indian CaseKala Seetharam Sridhar
May 2016Mortgage Guarantee: A Concept PaperVibha Batra and Kalpesh Gada
2016Financial Capability Building Practices in IndiaJayshree Venkatesan
2016Determinants of Financial Inclusion of Urban Poor in India: An Empirical AnalysisDhananjay Bapat, Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay
2016Housing Markets and Housing Policies in IndiaPiyush Tiwari, Jyoti Rao
2016Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Annual Report 2016Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
2016Reserve Bank of India Annual Report 2016Reserve Bank of India
2015National Housing Bank Trend and Progress 2015National Housing Bank
2014Housing Price Indices in India Charan Singh
2013Committe on Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low Income Households - Executive Summary
2013How Do Regulators Influence Mortgage Risk?John Y. Campbell, Tarun Ramadorai, and Benjamin Ranish
2013Housing market in India: A Comparison with the US and SpainCharan Singh
2013Inclusive Housing and Housing Finance: Key Lessons and ChallengesMarja Hoek-Smit
2013State of the Low-Income Housing Market. Encouraging Progress & Opportunity to Realize Dreams of MillionsAditya Agarwal
2013Foreign investment in the Indian Government bond marketIla Patnaik
2012Report on Trend and Progress of Housing in IndiaNational Housing Bank
2012Legal Aspects of Tenure and Housing Finance in Informal Settlements - Law and Practice in Indian StatesArkaja Singh
2012Rebuilding a Stronger Microfinance Sector in IndiaVijay Mahajan
2012Non Banking Financial Company-Micro Finance Institutions (NBFC-MFIs) – Directions – ModificationsReserve Bank of India
2012Ahmedabad: More but Different Government for “Slum Free” and Livable CitiesPatricia Clarke Annez
2012 Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission
2012Slum Redevelopment in Cities: Current Approaches and Alternate ModelsRamakrishma Nallathiga
2011Financing Infrastructure in India: Macroeconomic Lessons and Emerging Market Case StudiesJames P. Walsh, Chanho Park and Jiangyan Yu
2010India's urban awakening: Building inclusive cities, sustaining economic growthAjit Mohan
2010Building Houses, Financing Homes: India's Rapidly Growing Housing and Housing Finance Markets for the Low-Income CustomerAnamitra Deb, Ashish Karamchandani & Raina Singh
2010Expanding Housing Finance to the Underserved in South AsiaTatiana Nenova
2010Going Digital: Credit Effects of Land Registry Computerization in IndiaKlaus Deininger and Aparajita Goyal
2010Building Houses, Financing Homes-A Study Report of India's Rapidly Growing Housing and Housing Finance Markets for the Low-Income CustomerNational Housing Bank
2010Housing Finance in India: An OverviewRenu Sud Karnad
2010Financing Eco-Housing in India: A ReviewDr. Nitin Pandit, Dr. Mahesh Patankar, and Ms. Athale Prem
2008Next Generation Financial Reforms for IndiaEswar S. Prasad
2008Housing Finance for the Low-income Population in India: A Market Demand AssessmentDevelopment Innovations Group
2008Housing Finance Mechanisms in IndiaUN Habitat
2007Draft Report of the Committee on Financial Sector Reforms
2007A Just and Sustainable Shelter For All Recent Experiences in the Housing Finance Sector - A Study with Reference to IndiaAnn Jennervik
2001India: Heading Toward a Liberalized and Integrated Housing Finance SystemDouglas Diamond and Ritu Nayyar-Stone
1999The Indian Housing Finance SystemP.P. Vora
1997Developments in Housing Finance in IndiaDr. Piyush Tiwari
1996India's Housing Finance Companies: Problems and ProspectsH.Robert Bartell, Jr.
1996Mortgage Insurance for IndiaRoger Blood
1991The Future Prospects for Housing Finance in IndiaM.J.Pherwani
1990Mortgage Prepayment in IndiaRaymond Struyk and Genevieve Kenny
1989Major Role for India's Housing Development Finance Corp from the annual report of the HDFC
1989Recent Developments in Indian Housing FinanceNasser Munjee
1988 Success of India's Housing Development Finance Corporation
1987India: A Third World Housing Finance Success StoryMark Boleat

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2014Real State of EstateSunil Agarwal

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