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  Date Published Title Author
November 2019IMF Country Report, Mexico 2019IMF
June 2018Empty houses across North America: Housing finance and Mexico’s vacancy crisisPaavo Monkkonen
January 30, 2017Financial Deepening in MexicoAlexander Herman ; Alexander D Klemm
2016IMF Article IV Consultation - November 2016IMF
2016IMF Selected Issues PaperIMF
2015MEXICO: Transforming Urban Policy And Housing FinanceOECD Urban Policy Reviews
2015MEXICO: Transforming Urban Policy And Housing Finance - Policy HighlightsOECD Urban Policy Reviews
2015Mexico IMF Country ReportIMF
2014An economic approach to Mexico's Housing MarketJosé Luis Romero Hicks
2014Real Estate Outlook - MexicoBBVA Research
2014Situación Inmobiliara México - Segundo semestre 2014BBVA Bancomer
2014Housing Sector Reporte Conavi mensual Enero 2014SEDATU and CONAVI
2014Mexican RMBS Index: After A Lackluster 2013, Expectations Are Higher For Mexican RMBS In 2014Standard and Poor
2014The Mexican Mortgage Market: Has the Ship Come In?David Dale-Johnson and Gene Towle
2013The Participation of Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal in the New Housing PolicySociedad Hiptecharia Federal
2013Urban Development and Housing Policy 2013-2018Secretaria
2013InfonavitAlejandro Murat Hinojosa
2013Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV ConsultationInternational Monetary Fund
2013Mortgage Lending in MexicoABM
2012Mexico: Finance System Stability AssessmentInternational Monetary Fund
2012Housing, Mexico's Strategic Driving ForceABM
2012The State of Mexico's Housing - Recent Progress and Continued ChallengesChristopher E. Herbert, Eric S. Belsky, and Nicholas DuBroff
2012Mexico: Detailed Assessment of Observance of Basel Core PrinciplesInternational Monetary Fund
2012Mexico: Financial System Stability AssessmentInternational Monetary Fund
2012Mexican Housing Outlook Comisión Nacional de Vivienda
2012Mexican Housing Day PresentationSociedad Hipotecaria Federal
20122011 Results & Institutional Outlook, Mexican Housing DayINFONAVIT
2011Presentation: Leveraging Non-Traditional Lenders as an Origination Strategy for Reaching Underserved Borrowers Mark D. Zaltzman
2011The Housing Transition in Mexico: Expanding Access to Housing FinancePaavo Monkkonen
2011Housing Finance in Mexico: Current State and Future SustainabilityMarco A. López-Silva, Raúl Abreu-Lastra, Alberto Saracho-Martínez and Agustín Paulín-Hutmacher
2010The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on the Mexican Financial System and Housing Finance DynamicsAlan Elizondo
2009Reporte de la Situación Hipotecaria en México: Reporte anual 2009Asociación Hipotecaria Mexicana
2009Current Housing Situation in Mexico 2009Fundación CIDOC and SHF
2009Mexico's Mortgage 2009 Annual ReportMexican Mortgage Association
2009Financial Innovations and Developments in Housing Finance in MexicoJazmin Carballo-Huerta and Juan Pedro Gonzalez-Ibarra
2008Housing Finance and Mortgage-Backed Securities in MexicoLuisa Zanforlin and Marco Espinosa
2008Current Housing Situation in Mexico 2008Cidoc, SHF
2007Current Housing Situation in Mexico 2007Cidoc, SHF
2007Housing, Health, and HappinessMatias D. Cattaneo, Sebastian Galiani, Paul J. Gertler, Sebastian Martinez, Rocio Titiunik
2005Credit & Loan Reporting Systems in MexicoLucinda Brickler
2005Setting the Context: MexicoAlberto Mulas
2004The Role of the Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal in the Development of the Mexican Mortgage MarketGuillermo Babatz
2003Microfinance for Housing: The Mexican CaseMichael Goldberg and Marialisa Motta
2003Mexican Mortgage Market – Assess to HousingMark Zaltzman
2002The Mexican Mortgage Market: Has the Ship Come in?David Dale-Johnson
2000INFONAVIT and the Development of Housing for Low-Income Workers in MexicoJaime del Rio Castillo
1999Housing Finance in Mexico: Current Conditions and ChallengesManuel Zepeda Payeras
1998Mortgage Design in Mexico: Balancing Cash Flow and Borrower AffordabilitySteven Bernstein
1997Broadening Access for More Affordable Housing: Challenges and Opportunities in MexicoManuel Teodoro Campos Spoor
1996Legal and Regulatory Issues Related to Securitization in Mexico: An Analysis
1996- Credit Enhancement for Mortgage Securitization and Related Capital Adequacy Issues in Mexico
1996Mexican Autofinanciamientos: A New Source of Housing FinanceSteven Bernstein
1996Restarting Housing Finance in MexicoMichaell Lea
1995Housing Finance in Mexico: A 1995 UpdateMichael Lea
1995The Structure of Mortgage Markets in Mexico and Prospects for Their SecuritizationChristopher Barry
1988The Housing Finance System in MexicoJesus Rodriguez Montero
Housing Finance Mechanisms in MexicoUN Habitat

Country Data

  Date Published Title Author
2011Residential Mortage Debt to GDP Ratio, Latin AmericaHOFINET
2011Mortgage Sector Annual Percentage Change, Latin AmericaHOFINET
2010Update on Mortgage ProductionAsociación Hipotecaria Mexicana

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