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June 9, 2016Germany Country Report No. 16/203IMF
June 2016Germany IMF Country Report No. 16/203IMF
2016Market Break or Simply Fake? Empirics on the Causal Eff ects of Rent Controls in GermanyKonstantin A. Kholodilin, Andreas Mense and Claus Michelsen
2013Deutsche Bundesbank Sees Possible Overvaluation of Residential Property in German Cities
2013Financial Stability in 2013 - An OverviewDeutsche Bundesbank
2012Germany Country ReportInternational Monetary Fund
2012House Price Indices and the Property Market in GermanyHans-Joachim Duebel
2012Indices des prix des logements et Marché immobilier en AllemagneHans-Joachim Duebel
2012The Pfandbrief 2011/2012: Facts and Figures About Europe's Covered Bond BenchmarkAssociation of German Pfandbrief Banks
2010Contrasting Varieties of Private Renting: England and GermanyPeter A. Kemp and Stefan Kofner
2010The Structure of Real Estate Markets & Finance in GermanyDr. Michael Voigtländer
2009Housing Finance in The Euro Area: Structural Issues ReportEuropean Central Bank
2007Housing Finance in Germany: Four Major TrendsDieter Bräuninger, Tobias Just, and Stefan Schäfer
2007Social Housing in EuropeChristine Whitehead, Kathleen Scanlon
2005Housing Finance: New and Old Models in Central Europe, Russia, and KazakhstanJózsef Hegedüs, Raymond J. Struyk
1998German Bausparkassen: Instrument for Creating Homeownership in the Transformation CountriesCarl Gottfried Rischke
1998Private Rented Housing in GermanyFranz Hubert
1993Germany's Housing Policy at the CrossroadsFranz Hubert

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