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June 2016Denmark Country Report No. 16/185IMF
2016Annual Report 2015-16Association of Danish Mortgage Banks
April 2015Negative Mortgage RatesWorking Group on Negative Mortgage Rates
2014On security of collateral in Danish mortgage finance: a formula of property rights,incentives and market mechanismsKarin Haldrup
2013Interest-Only Loans Could Destabilize Denmark's Mortgage MarketCasper R Andersen
2013Financial Stability In An Evolving Regulatory And Supervisory LandscapeYingbin Xiao
May 2012Danish Covered Bond HandbookDanske Markets
2012Developments in the World Economy, the Danish Economy and in its Mortgage Credit SystemNils Bernstein
2012Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review 4th Quarter Part 2Danmarks National Bank
2012Nykredit Mortgage Bonds UpdateGeert Ditlev Kunde
2011Proposals for Mortgage Credit RegulationNils Bernstein
2010Presentation on the Danish Mortgage Credit SystemAne Arnth jensen
2010Liquidity of Danish Government and Covered Bonds – Before, During and After the Financial Crisis – Preliminary FindingsBirgitte Vølund Buchholst, Jacob Gyntelberg, Thomas Sangill
2010Three Ways Danish Mortgage Market Trumps U.S.Jack Guttentag
2010The Traditional Danish Mortgage ModelRealkreditrådet
2009The Mortgage Crisis: US Versus DenmarkJack M. Guttentag
2009Principle of Balance Mortgage Lending: a Better ApproachAlan Boyce
2007Distributions of owner-occupiers’ housing wealth, debt and interest expenditure ratios as financial soundness indicatorsJens Lunde
2007Social Housing in EuropeChristine Whitehead, Kathleen Scanlon
2007The Danish Mortgage Market - A Comparative AnalysisInternational Monetary Fund
2004The Danish Mortgage MarketAllen Frankel, Jacob Gyntelberg, Kristian Kjeldsen, Mattias Persson
1997Mortgage Finance in DenmarkTorben Gjede
1988Danish Institution which Operates Internationally
1986Mortgage Financing in Denmark and the Use of Modern TechnologyTorben Gjede

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