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2018Housing Completion Guarantee System Brochure
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2015Republic of Korea Staff Report for the 2015 Article IV ConsultationIMF
2013Capital Inflow Shocks and House Prices: Aggregate and Regional Evidence from KoreaPeter Tillmann
2013House Prices and Monetary Policy in South KoreaInho Song
2012Real Estate StatisticsMinistry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
2012Asian mortgage marketsMasahiro Kobayashi
2011Guidelines on Covered Bond IssuanceFinancial Services Commission & Financial Supervisory Service
2011Financial Measures to Support Normalization of Housing TransactionsFinancial Services Commission
2011Comprehensive Measures on Household DebtFinancial Services Commission & Financial Supervisory Service
2011Measures to Enhance Low-Income Households' Access to Financial ServicesFinancial Services Commission
2011Do Loan-to-Value and Debt-to-Income Limits Work? Evidence from KoreaDeniz Igan and Heedon Kang
2011Enforcement Decree of the Special Purpose Companies for the Mortgage-Backed Bonds ActFinancial Services Commission
2011Asset-Backed Securitization ActFinancial Services Commission
2010Financial Insitutions and Markets: Housing Policy, Mortgage Markets, and Housing Outcomes in KoreaKim Kyung-Hwan and Cho Man
2010Integrating Price Dynamics in the Prudential Norms: the Korean ExampleChae-Sun Chung
2010The Mortgage Securitization Market in KoreaChae-Sun Chung
2010Mortgage Lending in Korea: An Example of a Countercyclical Macroprudential ApproachSoon-taek Chang
2010The Mortgage Securitization Market in KoreaChae-Sun Chung
2009Three Pillars of Mortgage Credit Risk Management: A Conceptual Framework and the Case of KoreaMan Cho
2005Korean Mortgage Markets: Transition to SecuritizationsSeung Dong You
2002Recent Trends in the Korean Housing Finance MarketJackie Blankenship
1995Financial Liberalization and Housing Finance Policy in KoreaKyubang Lee
1987Profile: The Korea Housing Bank

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  Date Published Title Author
2011East Asia Mortgage as % of GDPHOFINET
2010Statistics - Housing Finance Monthly, November 2010Housing Finance Monthly

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