First Status Report on Basel II, Basel 2.5 and Basel III Implementation

Date Published 10/20/2011
Author Marja Hoek-Smit
Theme Housing Finance Policy

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued its first high-level view of member countries’ progress in preparing and adopting national laws and regulations to ensure that the Basel committee’s capital standards are implemented according to internationally agreed time frames. See full report

A subsequent element of the Committee's monitoring framework will be to review the consistency of members' national rules or regulations with the international minimum standard to identify differences that could raise prudential or level playing field concerns. The framework will also review the measurement of risk-weighted assets in both the banking book and the trading book to ensure consistency in practice across banks and jurisdictions. This latter review will be highly relevant for understanding the treatment of different types of mortgage assets. These reviews are said to commence in the beginning of 2012.

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