Islamic Home Purchase Financing: A Conceptual Introduction

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Date Published November 2012
Primary Author Michael J.T. McMillen
Other Authors
Theme Housing Finance Under Islamic Law


This paper provides a simple, generic introduction to, and survey of, the transactional structures and rudimentary principles applicable to Shari`ah-compliant home purchase financings. The paper summarizes six of the most frequently used home purchase financing structures used by banks and financial institutions that provide Shari`ah-compliant alternatives. They are: (a) the lease (ijara); (b) the diminishing partnership or diminishing musharaka (musharaka mutanaqisa); (c) the cost-plus sale (murabaha and tawarruq); (d) the deferred payment sale (bay' bithaman ajil); and (e) the two-tier construction contract financing (istisna'a - parallel istisna'a).

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