Housing Microfinance (HMF) Business Models: Three Case Studies

Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa

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Date Published 2016
Primary Author Phillip de Jager
Other Authors
Theme Housing Microfinance


This case study was commissioned by the FinMark Trust, with support from the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, as a contribution towards the University of Cape Town’s Housing Finance Course for Sub-Saharan Africa. It was in response to the observation that financial institutions are not providing sufficient housing microfinance (HMF) to satisfy the demand – or need – for low-income housing in Africa. It is the aim of this paper to further develop an understanding of the business models of HMF providers in Africa, as information about the factors that limit the provision of HMF loans should be useful to developmental institutions and governments. Three case studies were used to inform the report, with data collected through key informant interviews. Excel models of the financial institutions were built thereafter, calibrated to the latest financial information of that institution, and used to analyse the impact of identified constraining factors.

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