Spatial Implications of the Current Chinese Land-tenure System and Impacts of Property Tax Reform

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Date Published 2015
Primary Author Voith and Wong
Other Authors
Theme Taxation of Residential Real Estate
Country China


Our proposed research will examine the spatial incentives inherent in the land-tenure system for both the public sector and the private development sector. The analysis will be based on standard urban models of land development and local public finance in the institutional context of local planning in Chinese urban areas. Within this context, we will use local data on development process, infrastructure investment, fiscal conditions, and real estate market characteristics to explore the role that the land tenure system plays in shaping urban development. Based on our urban and public finance framework, and by contrasting Chinese outcomes with those in Hong Kong and the US, we will examine the potential spatial impacts of significant changes to the land tenure system such as the introduction of a property tax. This analysis should provide key inputs into the current discussions in China about changes in the structure of local public finance.

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