Housing Real Estate Sector in Bangladesh Present Status and Policies Implications

ASA University Review

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Date Published 2010
Primary Author Suborna Barua
Other Authors Ali Haider Al Mamun Mridha. Rezwanul Huque Khan
Theme Rental Housing, Taxation of Residential Real Estate
Country Bangladesh


The real estate sector is the growth centre for the development of an economy. Bangladesh, being one of the densely populated nations in the world, has been experiencing severe of houses shortage for its citizens. Although majority of the population is segmented into the middle and the low income groups, still housing for all has been a fallacy in Bangladesh. The private sector housing real estate developers have met a small proportion of the national housing demand in the last more than twenty years. The gap between demand and supply is still joy wide. Despite inadequate policy preparations, these real estate developers have been successfully making business although the middle and the low income households are still untapped. With the larger proportion of people living in this income group, the private housing real estate sector has a huge scope to grow in this country. The positive notion is supported by many key indicators such as increasing house rent, inadequate and costly land, easier financing availability and more. To pave the way for the organic development of the industry, the problem of long existent inadequate financing availability at lower burden of terms and costs must have to be removed immediately, and wider scope has to be created for Non-Resident Bangladeshis. With many other issues, this study attempts to identify the current status of the private housing real estate in Bangladesh, presents deeper insights of the critical factors for increasing its coverage, and thus finally recommends some immediate policy measures.

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