Scoping study: overview of the housing finance sector in Zambia

FinMark Trust

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Date Published 2013
Primary Author Russell Drummond
Other Authors Bezant Chongo Patience Mususa
Country Zambia


This study was commissioned by FinMark Trust and its Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, (CAHF). It was undertaken to provide a comprehensive overview of the housing finance sector in Zambia, and is part of a series of studies commissioned by FinMark Trust on the state of housing finance across Africa. In Zambia this report follows on from "Housing Finance in Zambia's Informal Settlements" (2009) and the earlier "Access to Housing Finance in Africa - Exploring the issues: Zambia 2006/2007". The objectives were to provide a holistic review of the housing finance mechanisms that are presently utilised, including in particular the informal sector, and how housing finance operates in the wider financial market. The main area of the study identifies and deconstructs the housing finance value chain; considering the actors involved, conventional and non-conventional products that are available, and importantly how, and by whom they are used across the population

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